Choice Supplement For Livestock Feed

Distiller’s Dried Grain Solubles (DDGS) refers to the by-product that is extracted during the ethanol production process. Highly suitable to be used as a livestock feed ingredient, DDGS is rich in protein, fiber, fat, and minerals.

In distilleries, the starch in the grain is converted into ethanol, and the remaining components, including are concentrated to form DDGS. Particularly popular as poultry, swine, and cattle diet. They provide a valuable source of protein, energy, and nutrients for animal health.

DDGS ensures overall animal wellness, improved stamina, high-quality, high-quality fodder, and reduced ration cost.

The Global Scene

The global DDGS industry is increasing with the awareness of this nutrient-rich co-product of ethanol. Catering to the energy and protein needs of livestock across the world, the top countries that stand out as the major exporters of DDGS include the United States, Canada, and Paraguay.

The Local Scene

The DDGS market in India is likely to grow at a steady growth in the future, particularly in the poultry industry. In fact, India also exports to countries like Vietnam, the United States, and Nepal.


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3.54 %

Total Ash

0.51 %

Sand & Silica

300350 Kcal/100gm





DDGS is packed in 50 kg polly pack Bags. It can also be customized as per individual requirements