Creating Entreprenuers

Adopting Better Farming Practices, Sustaining Livelihoods

Ramlal Singh hails from a Kaburpur village in Haidargarh of Uttar Pradesh. Ramlal Singh possesses marginal land size. He chose to differ from the typical resource-poor farmers struggling to make a living from agriculture.

His deep ‘love for life’ has earned him a decent living and, more importantly, inspired many other farmers to emulate him. Ramlal Singh, whose primary source of income depends on agriculture, wanted to increase his income through agriculture advancements, i.e. better quality inputs and farm mechanisation.

According to Ramlal, it is pivotal to adopt modern technology to improve efficiency in agriculture practice. He believes improved agriculture practices can improve crop yield and quality of life by optimising resources and earning more.

The assistance he received from the BCML under the agriculture project has been instrumental for him. Ramlal devoted all his time to agriculture and increased his source of income. Ramlal is confident and motivated to continue agriculture practices and learn to provide a better quality of life to his family by increasing yield in production.

Ramlal affirmed, “Farm mechanization has helped him accomplish tasks more quickly and efficiently. It has resulted in lesser reliance on manual labour, enabling him to cover larger areas of land and carry out operations such as ploughing, planting, irrigation, and harvesting in a timely manner. This has resulted in increased productivity and higher crop yields.

Creating Farmpreneurs

Farmer Ragbeer graduated from Lucknow University with a Master of Science degree. His father owned a 150-bigha plot in Banarki village. He began preparing for a competitive examination for a government job but circumstances required him to remain at home with his parents. During this period, he took up farming and started a small business.

Since the business was not profitable, his confidence was impacted. Balrampur Foundation stepped in.

The Foundation provided agriculture support. Ragbeer began to devote his entire time to farming. Yields improved; he reported a profit and proceeded to lease an additional 30 bighas.

Ragbeer claims, “Balrampur Foundation enabled me to become self-sufficient. I am now my own boss, reporting to no one.”