Human resource management at BCML is all about exploring knowledge, building a culture, developing and enhancing skills and creating an environment of learning and reinventing oneself. Over the years, BCML’s endeavour has been to formulate a structured human resource framework to catalyse organisational growth. The human resource journey is based on four key pillars: talent acquisition, performance management, training and talent development.

Talent acquisition (Recruitment, selection and induction): The talent acquisition process takes every possible measure (like screening / multi-layer selection / background verification/ cultural orientation etc) to map the right talent for the right role. BCML has created a recruitment panel, helping organisation wide engagement without candidate bias, resulting in better cultural assimilation and organisation-centric knowledge.

Performance management: BCML has invested in a well-accepted Performance Management System, which is performance and competence-driven. The defined key result areas (KRA) are directly/ indirectly linked to business goal. The PMS policy is designed in a manner that employees are evaluated based on their contributions to the final goal. There is a constructive discussion based on mid-year performance analysis with key team members. This is followed by a well-designed annual appraisal process across the group, which helps in a continuous analysis that helps bridge the gap between the desired and actual output.

Training: Skill development in BCML is a continuous process. BCML developed a structured training needs Identification process followed by specialised technical/ functional training by external /internal experts. Leadership workshops were organised in line with the competency matrix of organisation. A post-training effectiveness feedback mechanism ascertained the impact of the training and workshops. Specialised workshops were conducted in collaboration with external expert agencies to obtain vision and goal alignment between the various teams. The leadership team of the organisation was sent to premier Institutes to attend leadership training and coaching programmes.

Talent development: Talent development is an area attracting BCML’s focus. BCML invested in multiple initiatives like designing a well-defined KRA / performance-driven PMS to identify talent across the group. Ongoing initiatives like Hipot Model (Hi Potential) and GT (Graduate Trainee) development will create a significant talent pool. The BCML management also takes initiatives in adding value to the top performers by educating and training them through management-driven programs from institutes like IIM /XLRI.

Policies: BCML has multiple employee benefit policies like Vehicle Policy, Furniture Policy, Club membership benefits, Mediclaim Policy for family / Mobile Policy/ Employee Yearly Health Check facilities etc., strengthening the retention of employees.

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