Balrampur Chini Mills Limited (hereinafter referred to as “BCML,” “we,” “us,” “our”) utilizes cookies on its websites to enhance performance and improve user experiences. This policy elucidates how we employ cookies.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your computer or other internet-enabled devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, when you visit the website. These files aid the website in recognizing your device during subsequent visits.

Cookies serve various purposes, including remembering preferences, tracking activity, and optimizing the user experience.


Usage of cookies

While accessing BCML websites, cookies may be placed on your computer, mobile, or tablet. They serve multiple functions, such as remembering preferences, analyzing activity, and optimizing user experiences.

Cookies may contain the following data:

  • Information about the browser, identified by a unique number.
  • Expiration date (applicable to some cookies only).

Purposes for which BCML uses cookies

Generally, our cookies fulfill three main functions:

  • Enabling proper website functionality:

Some cookies are vital for the operation of our websites. For instance, we use cookies to ensure that you view the correct webpages based on your location and to identify and address technical issues like broken links.


  • Analyzing visitor behavior:

Cookies help us analyze how visitors use our websites and monitor performance. This analysis ensures a high-quality user experience by keeping our content and layout relevant. For example, cookies track popular pages and links and identify areas that may need improvement.


  • Optimizing and personalizing:

Cookies are employed to optimize visited webpages and personalize content across all our digital assets based on user requirements.


Types of cookies used at BCML

We may use cookies in four categories: Session cookies, Functionality cookies, Analytical/Customization cookies, and Advertising cookies.

  • Session Cookies:

Session cookies facilitate the tracking of your movement from page to page during a single website visit. They ensure a seamless experience without repeatedly requesting information already provided.

  • Functionality Cookies:

These cookies allow our services to remember your choices, such as preferences, settings, survey responses, or interactions with our services. They aim to provide a more personalized experience.

  • Analytical/Customization Cookies:

These cookies collect information about visitor interactions with our services, helping us improve website functionality and providing a better, personalized user experience.

  • Advertising Cookies:

These cookies record your website visits, pages viewed, and links clicked. The information gathered helps tailor our websites, content, and advertisements to your interests, improving the relevance of displayed content.


How to block cookies

You have the option to control cookie acceptance. If you choose not to accept cookies, certain features and services on our websites may not function correctly.

To avoid cookie acceptance, you can:

  • Change your browser settings to receive notifications about cookies, allowing you to choose whether to accept them.
  • Set your browser to automatically reject all cookies. Keep in mind that blocking all cookies via browser settings may limit access to parts of our or others’ websites.

For guidance on modifying cookie settings in popular browsers, refer to the following links:

Apple Safari: Manage Cookies and Website Data

Google Chrome: Manage Cookies

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Delete and Manage Cookies

Mozilla Firefox: Enable and Disable Cookies

For more information on how we handle personal information please refer to our Privacy Policy