Agri inputs

Balrampur Chini Mills Limited has done a successful job to utilize/recycle 100% effluents by adopting Composting technology to manufacture bio-compost and by maintaining Zero liquid discharge.

The Agro-Division was conceptualized with a noble idea of utilizing pollutants and waste products. Incineration Boilers were installed in the distilleries to incinerate the spent wash; ash generated by the boiler was huge. In-house studies were conducted to utilize this ash. Chemical analysis revealed that the ash is enriched with Potash. BCML was the first company to develop in-house technology to utilize this Potassic Ash into Potash-fertilizer. The first Potash fertilizer plant was installed at Balrampur and thereafter two more plants were installed at Mankapur and Gularia factories.



This product is Organic in nature and used as a tonic to the plants. Eradication of Grassy Shoot disease in cane was observed by the use of this product.


This product is also Organic in nature and used as a Bio-Fungicide to combat many soil-borne diseases. This is also useful against Red-rot deadly cane disease.


It is a consortia of the micro-organisms developed on the decomposed Organic manure. This works as Bio-agent to fight against root borers, shoot borers, White grubs, Redrot and many other diseases attacking on the cane.