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Vivek Saraogi

BCML is managed around principles. These principles indicate that it does not need to demonstrate extraordinary but risky daily brilliance. This approach discourages needless risks. This approach ensures a responsiveness to everyday priorities without panic or euphoria. The result is a long-term perspective before any decision. The approach supports measured investments during downturns. The result is a commitment to not necessarily be driven by scale but by the excitement of generating higher returns.

Principles at work

  • BCML's principles are manifested in everyday operations.
  • One, BCML has reinforced its core competence: the efficient manufacture of sugar on the one hand and a planned integration into the processing of downstream by-products on the other.
  • Two, BCML has kept debt under control, retained banker confidence and resisted unrelated diversification.
  • Three, BCML's conservatism has allowed it to redefine its dynamism. It invested deeper in cane management; it helped evolve a large proportion of its command area to superior cane varieties; it provided adequate pest and disease management inputs to incentivize farmers to switch.
  • At BCML, the principal objective is to invest in overall plant balancing to make it possible to utilize resources completely, moderate costs (financial and operational), strengthen viability across market cycles and reward shareholders.


Vivek Saraogi,

Chairman and Managing Director