By definition, the price of Accutane can’t be too low, as this drug is characterized by a powerful action able to eliminate such unpleasant problem of many athletes as acne. The drug inhibits the functioning of sebaceous glands, therebystopping the production of sebum and preventing the appearance of acne. The drug doesn’t belong to steroid substances. Thus, it isn’t necessary to carry out a post-cycle therapy after its administration.

Effect of treatment : In many countries, this medicationis considered asthemost powerful drug against acne. Recent research has revealed that the drug provides 95% of efficiency, which is pretty good for a drug. Athletes who are scared away by the cost of Accutane shouldn’t doubt the effectiveness of this drug. This is a quite powerful medication that has the following positive effects: The drug eliminates different types of acne, including themost severe of them- conglobate, nodular-cystic and different other forms that cause scarring; ittreatsacne that doesn’t respond to other treatments; Accutane reduces the production of sebum; the skin becomes cleaner, and oily sheen disappears. Asarule, Accutaneis released in the form of gelatin capsules containing the active ingredient in the dosage of 10, 20 or 40 mg. Thedrughas first entered the pharmaceutical market in 1982, and nowit is being released under many different names. It belongs to the approved drugs, but due to the adverse reactions, its sale is regulated.

Side effects: Accutane is a-vitamin-like drug that has an anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrheic, dermatoprotective and anti-acne effects. In sports practice, it is used by many athletes, who use potent anabolic and androgenic drugs, to eliminate external side effects of steroids in the form of acne. Athletes who wonder what the price of Accutane is must know that this potent drug can’t be cheap. However, agreater efficacy means a higher risk of side effects in the form of: Impaired liver function. Bowel inflammation and pancreatitis. The use of the drug during pregnancy leads to serious complications of fetal development. 4 weeks before the beginning of the course, during the treatment and one month after the course, reliable contraceptive measures must be used. Otherwise, in case of pregnancy, the use of Accutane can beamedical indication for its interruption. Athletes wearing contact lenses should be especially careful, as the use of the drug can cause contact lens intolerance, conjunctivitis and reversible corneal opacity. Athletes who have had any nose surgery before treatment can suffer from a nasal cartilage deformity. The use of the drug can cause psychosis, increased heartbeat, hoarseness and increased intracranial pressure.

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Contraindications: liverfailure; Severe hyper lipidermia; hypervitaminosis A; pregnancy or the period of its planning, lactation; According to thein structions for use of Accutane, the optimal dosage of the drug must be calculated in the amount of 0.5-1 mgof active substanceper kg of athlete’s weight; for example, 100 mgper day is enough for a 100-kg athlete. In very serious cases, the dosage must be increased to 2 mg/kg. It is recommended to divide the daily dosage of the drug into two intakes. You need to take medicine during themeal, as in this caseitwill absorb faster.

Accutane and get a positive effect: To feel the full effect of Accutane and get a positive effect, you musttake the drug course lasting 15-20 weeks. The breaks between the courses of therapy must last at least 2 months. If the body builder stake the drug without the doctor’s prescription, you should reduce the dosage to prevent side effects. The coursed uration must be decreasedto 6-8 weeks as well. Most athletes taking steroid drugs are prone to acne.