Company History

History - Building the Company brick by brick

BalrampurChini Mills Limited (“BCML”) was incorporated in 1975 under the Companies Act as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Balrampur Sugar Company Limited (Name changed to Balrampur Commercial Enterprises Limited) ("BCEL”). By an indenture of conveyance dated 21 February 1976 , BCEL transferred to BCML the land, building and other assets and the entire staff of its Balrampur Sugar Factory with effect from 1 July 1975 . BCML ceased to be a subsidiary of BCEL with effect from 25th June, 1979 and its shares were listed on the Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) in 1979. The Balrampur Mill started with a crushing capacity of 800 TCD (Metric Tonnes crushed per day) in 1975 and has since been expanded to its present capacity of 12,000 TCD. 

In 1990, BCML acquired a controlling stake in Babhnan Sugar Mill Ltd, which at that time, had a crushing capacity of 1,000 TCD. BCML undertook expansion and modernization programmes at the sugar mill in Babhnan (the “Babhnan Unit”) which resulted in an increase in crushing capacity from 2,500 TCD in the year 1992-1993 to the current crushing capacity of 10,000 TCD. Babhnan Sugar Mills Ltd. was merged with BCML with effect from 1 April 1994.

In 1995, BCML set up a distillery in Balrampur with a capacity of 60 KL per day which has now been raised to 160 KL per day for the production of distillery products using molasses, which is a by-product of the sugar production process. In February 2004, BCML commenced operation at a new distillery at Babhnan unit with a capacity of 60 KL per day.

In April 1998, BCML acquired a controlling stake in Tulsipur Sugar Co. Ltd. (“TSC”), a profit-making sugar company located near Balrampur in Eastern Uttar Pradesh with an installed capacity of 2,500 TCD. TSC was merged with BCML with effect from 1 April 1999. The crushing capacity of Tulsipur Sugar was subsequently expanded to 7000 TCD.

In March 2003, BCML commissioned a bagasse based co-generation power plant with a capacity of 19.55 MW at Balrampur and the said capacity has been increased to 24.55 MW. Further, the installed capacity of organic manure at Balrampur Unit is 30,000 MT and at Babhnan Unit is 18,000 MT.

During the period of 2003-2004 BCML set up an integrated sugar complex at Haidergarh (the “Haidergarh Unit”) consisting of a plant with a crushing capacity of 4,000 TCD and a bagasse based co-generation power plant with a capacity of 20.25 MW.The crushing capacity of the Haidergarh sugar division has since been increased to 5000 TCD. The company also set up the cogen plant of Babhnan Unit with a capacity of 3MW.

A Greenfield sugar project having a capacity of 7000 TCD was set up at Akbarpur, Distt. Ambedkarnagar, U.P. which was commissioned in November 2005. A bagasse based co-generation power plant with a capacity of 18 MW was also installed at Akbarpur. The crushing capacity was subsequently expanded to 7,500 TCD. 

A new Greenfield integrated sugar complex has been set up at Mankapur, Dist. Gonda, Eastern U.P. with a capacity of 8000 TCD sugar plant, 34 MW co-generation power plant, 100 KLPD distillery and 20,000 MT Organic Manure facility. The plant has begun operations in November 2006. Presentlycogen capacity of power plant stands of 37MW.

BCML acquired an integrated sugar unit having a sugar plant of 7500 TCD and co-generation power plant of 12MW situated at Rauzagaon, District Barabanki, U.P. from Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. in March 2006. The crushing capacity has been subsequently expanded to 8000 TCD and cogen facility to 25.75 MW through modernization scheme.

A new Greenfield integrated sugar complex has been set up at Kumbhi, Dist. Lakhimpur, Kheri, U.P. with the capacity of 8,000 TCD sugar plant and 20 MW co-generation power plant. The plant began operations in April 2007. Further, the cogen facility is being expanded to 32.70 MW which is expected to be operational by April 2014.

A Greenfield integrated sugar complex has been set up at Gularia, Dist. Lakhimpur, Kheri, U.P. having sugar cane crushing of 8,000 TCD and co-generation power plant capacity of 31.3 MW. The plant began operations in November 2007.

BCML has refinery capacity of 500 TCD at its Haidergarh plant and of 700 TCD of the Rauzagaon plant.

Indo Gulf Industries Ltd (IGIL) was acquired by BCML. BCML has took over the management of IGIL after receiving of the approval from SEBI and completion of the Open Offer. IGIL has a sugar unit having crushing capacity of 3000 TCD at Maizapur in Eastern U.P. The sugar division of IGIL situated at Maizapur, Gonda UP has been demerged from IGIL and merged with BCML pursuant to order dated 24.06.2010 of the BIFR under a rehabilitation scheme of IGIL. During the year 2017, BCML sold its entire stake (53.96%) in IGIL after completion of Open Offer formalities by the acquirer.

Khalilabad Sugar Mills Private Ltd, having a sugar unit at Khalilabad, Dist.- SantKabir Nagar, U.P. with crushing capacity of 2500 TCD has merged with BalrampurChini Mills Ltd. pursuant to Hon’ble BIFR Order dated 14.08.2013.

The said unit at Khalilabad, however, has been closed during the year 2015-16, owing to standalone losses of the unit and lower recovery.


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